Professional Tattoo Artists Praise BTS’s Jimin And His Choice Of Tattoos

They loved them!

Though he’s never officially confirmed them, fans have long known that BTS‘s Jimin has several tattoos on his body—and they aren’t the only ones who noticed!

Professional tattoo artists Andy, a YouTube content creator, and Tachi, a representative of Godo Tattoo, shared their thoughts on them on AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series.

They knew all about Jimin’s ink, naming the three known ones so far.

Jimin’s “13” tattoo | Naver LIVE

‘NEVERMIND’ on his side, ‘Young Forever’ on his arms, and the lettering ’13’ on his wrist.

— Andy

They made educated guesses on the stories behind them because “most celebs don’t explain the meaning behind tattoos so fans guess the meaning through pictures.”

For ’13,’ it probably means the day of BTS’s debut, June 13. I can guess that ‘NEVERMIND’ and ‘Young Forever’ are the titles of his songs.

— Andy

“NEVERMIND,” for instance, is the intro for BTS’s The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.2 album released in November 2015.

Knowing all this, Tachi praised Jimin, saying, “It feels simple and light, so it’s not that they have a genre but it was more about the meaning.”

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube