Jimin And V’s Best “Vmin” Moments From BTS’s “BANG BANG CON”

These “Friends” stole the show.

Like “Friends” says, BTS‘s Jimin and are soulmates! On June 14, they performed this Map of the Soul: 7 song for the first time, and fans loved every second of it. Here are the best “Vmin” moments from “Friends” and the rest of BANG BAN CON: THE LIVE

Credit: HD edit by @vminysI on Twitter.

1. When they measured their pinkies during “Friends”…

2. …then held hands to sing the high notes together

3. When Jimin put his arm around V’s shoulders

4.  The whisper that left us deceased

5. When Jimin pulled out dumplings as a peace offering…

6. …and V said, “We won’t fight anymore?” 

7. Jimin’s reaction to V’s cute voice (and his own?)

8. When V joined the rap line for “UGH” as a rapper…

…and Jimin joined as a boxer

9. When they put their arms around RM…

10. …but accidentally turned him into a third wheel