BTS Jimin And V’s Top 7 “Vmin” Moments Of 2020

They’re the ultimate friendship goals.

BTS‘s V and Jimin overcame their differences to become the best of friends. Every single “Vmin” moment this year deserves to be listed, but we’ve narrowed it down to seven that made 2020 so much better. Here they are, in no particular order!

1. This iconic selfie

While most people were sleeping, Jimin and V were wide awake and roaming Weverse one morning. At around 4:00 AM (KST) on June 3, they shared this cuddly selfie and became a top trending topic.

| V/Weverse

When was the selfie snapped? Fans found out months later while watching In the SOOP. In a behind the scenes video for Episode 8, V and Jimin cuddled up at the Upper House.

While they were scrolling through their phones, V suggested taking a selfie together.

2. This snuggle session

In the SOOP could be renamed “In the SNUGGLES” and it would still be accurate. Instead of urging Jimin to get up one morning, V (aka “Winter Bear”) decided to hibernate with him.

3. Their “Friends” stage at BANG BANG CON

Jimin and V performed their duet “Friends” at BTS’s online concert, BANG BANG CON: THE LIVE this summer.

The performance was full of special moments that made fans fall in love with their friendship all over again.

4. The best stretch ever

During a rehearsal for “Black Swan”, Jimin gently helped V stretch by leaning on his back.

Meanwhile, Jin and Jungkook were doing this:

5. This horror photoshoot

Jimin and V teamed up as models for a fun photo challenge on Run BTS!

The end result? Perfection.

6. When they talked about the infamous “Dumpling Incident”

“Friends” was written about a fight Jimin and V once had over food. They told fans this story, while joking and laughing, for 2020 FESTA. 

7. When they ran into each other’s arms

Bon Voyage 4 aired from November 2019 to January 2020. In one memorable episode, Jimin and V ran into each other’s arms and rolled through the snow. What K-Drama is this, and where can I watch it?