5+ Must-See Moments From BTS Jimin’s First Weverse Live Of March

He talked about the members!

BTS‘s Jimin held a live broadcast via Weverse. Throughout it, he assembled a water tank for his Marimo and talked about the members.

Check out 5+ must-see moments from Jimin’s Weverse Live below.

1. Streaming J-Hope’s “on the street”

2. Jimin sent his fake crying video to the BTS group chat!

3. We’ll have to wait a little bit longer for that full tattoo reveal.

4. J-Hope’s comment

5. Will Jimin be the next guest for Suchwita?

6. Suga got another shoutout!

7. We’re getting a totally new era of Jimin!

8. He saw Jungkook fall asleep on Weverse Live too.

9. Jimin talked about visiting Jin!

10. Not @ Jimin talking about farts.


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