BTS Jimin’s 15 Best & Most Unforgettable Outfits—According To ARMYs

We’re praying some of these make a comeback.

Given how consistently handsome BTS‘s Jimin‘s style is, it can be hard to keep track of all his great outfits. But according to ARMYs on Twitter, these 15 made the biggest impression.

1. This sparkling cardigan look

2. This shorts and shirt look

3. This hand-drawn t-shirt look

4. This shades and cap look

5. This edgy street style look

6. This pinstripe suit look

7. This summer shirt look

8. This bowling shirt look

9. This newsboy cap look

10. This… explicit shirt look

11. This all-black with earrings look

12. This tartan blazer look


13. This yellow stripes look

14. This billionaire boss look

15. This cutie from the streets look