10 Important Life Lessons From BTS’s Jin That We Can All Learn From

Jin has taught fans many useful (and hilarious) things that can applied to daily life.

BTS‘s Jin has taught ARMYs many things over the years that can be applied to our own daily lives. Here are just 10 of his life lessons that we’ve taken to heart!


1. You don’t have to follow society’s rules (or the agency’s)

Rules are made to be broken, right? Sometimes, you have to go against the grain in order to pursue your dreams and grow as a person. Or, in Jin’s case, to drink whatever you want to drink on camera!


2. Dance like nobody’s watching (even if millions of people are)

Life is short. Why let the fear of embarrassment keep you from enjoying it? When in doubt, just think of Jin dancing his heart out at 2018 Gayo Daechukje.


3. Be your own biggest fan

If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect other people to believe in you? Being your own biggest fan will give you the confidence and drive you need to succeed, even if the whole world is doubting you. In the eternal words of Jin: “I’m Worldwide Handsome, you know?”.


4. Wear what you want to, when you want to…


5. …and try out new hairstyles!


6. Always look out for yourself and the people you love

Getting chased by zombies? No problem. Just sacrifice the nearest camera operator to save yourself! Just kidding. Fans know that Jin always puts others before himself…so long as the undead aren’t involved!


7. Making other people happy will bring you happiness too

Jin is a ball of sunshine who goes out of his way to brighten up the lives of those around him. Not only does this bring others joy, it makes him happier too!


8. You can never have too many friends

Some people can be picky about who they let into their friend circle, but Jin’s is always growing. At 2018 Gayo Daechukje, he didn’t hesitate to bring Norazo‘s Jo Bin to the front of the stage.

They had a blast dancing together!


9. Don’t let anybody scam you

Jin is a millionaire, but is he going to let himself get charged double for an extra scoop of ice cream? Heck no. Jin taught out to watch out for our wallets, especially at ice cream parlors…and BTS ticket resale sites!


10. Practice makes perfect

Jin is living proof that perseverance makes all the difference. When he started out, dancing wasn’t his forte. Even though it doesn’t come naturally to Jin, over the years he’s become more skilled at it because of all the hard work he’s put in. Even if you aren’t naturally gifted at something, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to do it!