BTS Jin’s Best “Lead Actor” Performances, And Why We Want More

From romance to action, he slays every genre.

Actor Jin is making his comeback in BTS‘s new music video for “Film Out”. To celebrate his acting skills, here are some of the best roles and genres he has done so far!

1. “Film Out” MV

Genre: Action-thriller. This music video isn’t even out yet, but Jin already radiates “main character” energy in the teaser. It’s easy to imagine him as the lead in a real action-thriller K-Drama! (Please, somebody make it happen!)

2. BTS Universe Story

Genre: Psychological mystery/thriller. Jin deserves all the awards for the time-traveling role he played in the cut scenes for Netmarble‘s BTS Universe Story mobile game. If the BU ever gets its own movie, fans will be lining up for miles to see Jin in the lead role!

3. “ON” MV

Genre: Historical/fantasy. We could feel Jin’s anguished in this cinematic music video as he wandered a war-torn battlefield searching for survivors. (Spoiler: the bird lived!)

4. BTS World

Genre: Slice of life, family. In the mobile game BTS World, Jin played a hotelier who looks after a little girl.

| Netmarble

We can feel his sheer panic when he loses sight of her at the beach…

…and their reunion tugged our heartstrings. This short but sweet role showed how well Jin could do in a family-oriented drama as a protective older brother or even a father.

| Netmarble

5. ARMY.Zip

Genre: Horror. Many fans were disappointed to learn that the movie teaser photos were just that: teasers. Jin portrayed his zombie hunting character so well in the photos and behind the scenes that we can see him acting in a similar show, like Sweet Home. 

6. “Daechwita” MV

Genre: Comedy. Jin is incredible at acting in serious roles, but he’s also a born comedian. His cameo with Jungkook in Agust D‘s video was one of the highlights!

7. “Dionysus” at 2019 MMA

Genre: Fantasy. Jin radiated power when he made one of his most memorable entrances as a Greek god on a Trojan horse. It’s easy to picture him in a similar role on the big screen!

8. Love Yourself Highlight Reel

Genre: Romance. Fans got to experience what type of leading man Jin might play in a romance, thanks to this heart-wrenching video. Hopefully, if Jin does decide to try a romantic role in the future, his love story won’t end tragically…like this one did.