BTS’s Jin Is Actually A Dancing King And Here Are 12 Gifs To Prove It

Who called him the weakest dancer? He’s not.

BTS‘s Jin is considered one of the top visuals, singers, and comedians in the group. What he’s not always crowned is their top dancer.

However, Jin has worked hard throughout the years to improve his dancing, and he can now easily hold his own. Here are some gifs of him being a dancing king to remind you just how good he is at his job!

1. Dionysus

Now that’s a maneuver not just anyone can do.

2. ON

He goes hard.

3. Black Swan

His moves are precise.

4. Fire

What can we say? He’s on fire.

5. DNA

That head crack though!


That jump 🤯

7. Blood, Sweat & Tears

Just look at that turn.

8. Boy With Luv

He’s right on the beat.

9. I Like It Pt. 2

Okay, let’s be real: he’s smooth AF here.

10. I’m Fine

His skills are more than just fine.

11. Save Me

Save us from all this charisma!

12. SBS Music Festival 2013 Intro

Lastly, here’s an oldie but a goldie.

Bonus: Drum skills

He’s our multi-talented Jin.