BTS’s Jin Is Actually An Idea Bank Filled With Creative Content That We Never Knew We Needed

Keep the ideas coming!

Although BTS’s Jin may be the oldest of the group and known for his worldwide handsome visuals and dad jokes, he’s actually quite the creative with a lot of unique and interesting ideas and content.

Taking a look at the famous BT21 character RJ, we can see the creative process of how it came to life.

Jin, who believed that he looked like an alpaca, drew up designs that ultimately became the RJ that we know today!

| @bts_twt/Twitter

His cute whale drawing even made it into their “IDOL” music video and gained much attention.

| “IDOL” MV Capture/Big Hit Entertainment

He even drew the whale on his t-shirt and wore it during concerts as well.

His whale key chain that he made also gained so much popularity that fans even requested it to be sold as merchandise.

His creative juices really flowed during Run BTS! episodes that required creative thinking including DIY outfits and his interesting flower headpiece creation.

He even had his own Eat Jin series before mukbang became a trend.

His dad jokes have been a running theme over the years and has become somewhat of his signature trait among the members and fans.

Regardless of what craziness he comes up with, we love our worldwide handsome Jin!

Source: theqoo