BTS’s Jin Is Best Friends With His Boss, Bang Si Hyuk — Here Are 10+ Of Their Best Moments

From boss to bestie.

BTS‘s Jin is best friends with his boss, Big Hit Entertainment (HYBE) founder Bang Si Hyuk. Here are 10+ of their best friendship moments!

1. Their dinner date

After BTS’s special on You Quiz On The Block aired, Jin shared new photos of himself hanging out with Bang Si Hyuk.

| Weverse

He also shared photos and a video of Bang Si Hyuk cooking a meal for him. Jin said, “Hahaha Si Hyuk-ah, I love you,” and wrote, “Cutie Hitman Bang,” in the caption.

2. That time Jin clowned Bang Si Hyuk on Weverse

A fan compared Bang Si Hyuk to an eggplant, saying, “Bang PD nim why are you coming out of there???”. 

| Weverse

Instead of telling the fan that no, Bang Si Hyuk does not look like an eggplant, Jin wrote, “PD nim is crying..”.


3. When Jin bragged about his handsomeness

One time, Bang Si Hyuk shared a screenshot of his conversation with Jin. In it, he asked if BTS was having fun at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Jin said, “Because I’m handsome, it’s really fun.”

| Bang Si Hyuk/Big Hit Entertainment

Bang Si Hyuk: Are you guys having fun?

Jin: Because I’m handsome, it’s really fun.

Bang Si Hyuk: Then if I went along, it probably wouldn’t be as interesting. Fortunately, I decided to stay at home and edit the MV. Okay, now, focus on the stage.

Jin: In fact, I did it for fun. We will return after we succeed.

— Bang Si Hyuk and Jin

4. Jin’s “special request”

During BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF world tour, Jin asked Bang Si Hyuk, who attended the show, to chant his name during his solo performance. Of course, his bestie obliged!

| Weverse

Jin shared a screenshot of their texts on Weverse, captioning it, “He chanted“!

| Weverse

5. That time Bang Si Hyuk shut down Jin’s sass

On BTS’s reality show Rookie King, Jin called out Bang Si Hyuk for not taking them out for a company dinner. “Please for once do have a company dinner!” he shouted.

Bang Si Hyuk shot back with; “Even if I make time to have company dinners, you guys are too busy.” 

6. That time Bang Si Hyuk didn’t answer Jin’s call

One time, Jin tried calling his members during a live broadcast. When they didn’t answer, Jin called his boss instead…

…but he didn’t pick up his phone either! The audacity.

7. You’re crying? Prove it!

When “Dynamite” debuted at No.1 on the Billboard “Hot 100” chart, BTS called Bang Si Hyuk to celebrate the news. He was just as overjoyed and overcome as the members were. Suga said, “I think he’s crying,” and Jin playfully urged Bang Si Hyuk to bring the receipts! “Send us a selfie of you crying!” he joked.

8. When Bang Si Hyuk lied straight to Jin’s face

On a variety show, Jin revealed that Bang Si Hyuk once asked him to share his thoughts. When Jin expressed his wish for the choreography to get easier, Bang Si Hyuk said, “I’ll take your opinion into account.” 

That, ladies and gentlemen, was a lie! “[“DOPE”] is the fastest dance I’ve ever seen in my life!” Jin exclaimed.

9. When Jin snapped a sneaky selfie

He’s Bang Si Hyuk’s personal paparazzi!

| Weverse

10. When Bang Si Hyuk praised Jin’s talents and character

In an interview, Bang Si Hyuk said, “[The BTS members] changed, of course, but Jin didn’t change much. He’s very upright, down-to-earth, and sensible. He’s the one who keeps the other members in line. He’s a good kid.” 

| @bts_twt/Twitter

11. These photos

How can anybody not stan this friendship?