10 Reasons Why BTS’s Jin Will Inherit BigHit Entertainment

These are 10 reasons why Jin may turn “BigHit” into “JinHit”.

Fans already foresee BTS‘s Jin becoming a CEO one day, so the real question is: will he start a new company, or take over BigHit Entertainment? Here are 10 reasons why we can picture him taking the reins from Bang Si Hyuk one day!


1. He’s already founded “JinHit Entertainment”

In 2015, Jin posted a picture of himself posing in front of BigHit Entertainment‘s logo saying, “Hello, because I’m handsome today, please change this BigHit promotion sign.


2. One of his life’s goals is to be on BigHit’s board of directors

During 2017 Festa, BTS filled out resumes and Jin listed this as one of his future aims!


3. He took over BigHit’s official page

After Jin posted the photo of him standing with the logo, BigHit Entertainment changed their official page for a short time.

Although the post didn’t last long, fans also created an actual Facebook page for JinHit Entertainment!


4. Google already thinks he’s the owner, so why argue?

If you reverse image search the photo of Jin with BigHit Entertainment’s logo, this is the suggestion Google gives!


5. He makes his own rules. All. The. Time.

Generally, idols’ hair is under the style team’s jurisdiction, but Jin isn’t just anyone. He’s the self-appointed, future CEO! So, he went ahead and cut his own bangs, on camera.

Speaking of hair, in a live stream, Jin told ARMY that when the company didn’t want him to dye his hair, he told them he would go ahead and dye it himself. They quickly changed their minds!


6. He wears what he wants when he wants

When BTS went to Music Bank for a rehearsal, Jin arrived in style. While the other members were dressed in casual clothes, Jin was dressed like a prince in his Love Yourself: Answer photo shoot outfit. At first, fans assumed that he’d lost a game and received this as punishment, but BigHit Entertainment revealed that Jin decided to wear the outfit all on his own!


7. When he declared that he doesn’t doesn’t obey the agency’s rules

Rules? Not when you own the place!


8. He isn’t afraid to talk back to his superiors

After all, they’ll all be under his rule one day!


9. He told fans that he wanted to buy the company

Jin reportedly said this at a 2016 fansign, and fans are still waiting for him to go through with the deal.


10. He’s Worldwide Handsome, you know?

Who would be a better “face of the company” than the man who won a trophy for having the best face on the planet?