14 Times BTS’s Jin Sassed BigHit Entertainment’s Staff

This rebellious BTS member loves to give the staff a piece of his mind.

BTS Jin‘s reluctance to follow Big Hit Entertainment‘s rules is legendary, and it makes ARMY love him even more. Here are 14 iconic times Jin totally sassed the staff!


1. When he called the staff’s birthday decorations a “high quality waste of human resources”


2. When he predicted what a staff member was going to say

Backstage, Jin called out, “two minutes left”, just before a staff member did. The staff member was so flustered that he stopped talking and started laughing.


3. “I hated the staff”


4. That time he tried to sacrifice a camera operator to zombies


5. When he informed the style team that he would be wearing one of his Love Yourself: Answer concept photo outfits to BTS’s first schedule…


6. …and he did!


7. When he wanted to know why the staff kept laughing at him…


8. …and why they weren’t laughing at his jokes…


9. …and why they suddenly put him on camera


10. When he threatened to dye his hair himself


11. That time he used BTS’s letter-writing mission to complain about the choreography…


12. …and every other time he complained about it too!


13. When he used “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to dodge a haircut


14. When he flat out said, “I don’t follow what the agency says”