BTS’s Jin Boasts An Impressive Bandana Collection You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Which is your favorite?

BTS‘s Jin has tried and rocked many hairstyles throughout the years of BTS promotions. Of them all, ARMYs hold a special place in their hearts for his “bandana” look. This specific style on Jin reveals more of his forehead and his eyebrows, better defining his facial features — which is why it is so breathtaking on Jin. Here are 7 of Jin’s most beloved bandana fits.


1. The Blue

Against Jin’s flawless, translucent skin tone, this royal blue bandana looked too ethereal to be true.


2. The Red

Red on gold is an unparalleled combination for visual goodness. His blonde hair glowed against this red bandana, styled with a matching red wristband too!


3. The Black

With his grape-purple hair doing all the speaking, Jin didn’t need much other than a LBB — a little black bandana — to spice up the look.


4. The Pink

This pastel-y Jin remains a favorite for many ARMYs for the pure amount of softness he contains. All the colors, like inside a box of macarons, are only adding to Jin’s beauty.


5. The Solid Black

While Jin likes the classic pattern-printed bandanas, sometimes he will sport these headbands too. This solid black one brought all the focus on Jin’s gorgeous T-zone and made him look worldwide handsome.


6. The Solid White

Black & White can never go wrong. This solid white headband, against his black hair, was an iconic look — especially for the minimalist ARMYs who dig B&W fashion!


7. The RJ

ARMYs gotta admit; Jin can pull off and look amazing in all the bandanas in the world. But none can trump the RJ headband and its mega UWU-worthy cuteness.