These Genius “Jin Jokes” Probably Went Right Over Your Head

He’s the king of puns.

It’s no secret that BTS‘s Jin loves his punny jokes. Unfortunately, since much of his brilliant wordplay is lost in translation, his genius is often overlooked. Thankfully, yoon of @cafe_army has provided explanations for many of Jin’s best punchlines. After reading this, you’ll be able to windshield-wiper-laugh too!


1. “Do you know what it’s called when a god gives birth to a baby? A god-born baby.”

For this joke, Jin changes the “갓/gat” in “갓 난/gat-nan'” (newborn) to a very similar-sounding English word: “god”. Ergo, a god gives birth to a “god-born” baby!


2. “When you are in the shade, what is the reason you are happy? Because you are avoiding the sun.”

In English, it sounds like Jin is just stating the obvious, but in Korean his punchline is a creative play on words. Jin says “해피해서 / hae-pi-hae-suh”, which means, “because you avoided the sun”. This phrase, however, has a second meaning. It can also mean, “because you are happy”!


3. Blood type? A doll.

During an episode of Run BTS!, Jin and Suga both had fun with “blood type”. In Korean, “blood type” is “혈액/hyul-aek (blood)” plus “형/hyung (type)”. When RM asked Jin for his blood type, Jin added the characters “인/in” to “형/hyung (type)” to make “인형/in-hyung”, which means “doll”.

Suga continued the punny fun by adding “삼각/sam-gak” to “형/hyung (type)”. This means “triangle”.


4. “Do you know how to say ‘you can’t fart’ in English? Don’t gas.”

For this joke, Jin switched out the Korean word for ‘fart’ (방귀/bang-gu) with the English word “gas”, then added “don’t” in front of it. Why is this funny?

It may sound like Jin is just saying the English words “don’t gas”, but these English words are actually very similar to “돈까스/donkatsu” (pork cutlet)!


5. “What’s it called when you eat a duck raw? A raw duck.”

Jin once again proved he is a master of double meanings when he tried out this knee-slapper on BTS’s staff.

The meaning of “회오리/hwae-oh-ri” is ‘tornado’ or ‘whirlwind’. It also means “회/hwae” (sashimi), which is raw. Ergo, a “raw duck”!


6. “This lobster told me ‘let’s go go to the sea’.”

One of the best things about Jin’s joke is that anything can inspire them, even a lobster.  Jin plays on “바다가재/bada-ga-jae” (lobster) and “바다가쟤/bada-ga-jye”. The second phrase means ” ___ said let’s go to the sea”, but since it sounds so similar to “lobster”, it sounds as if the lobster is talking about itself!


7. BONUS: 4 straight minutes of Jin laughing, mostly at himself!