6 New Things We’ve Learned About BTS’s Jin In 2021, So Far

New behind the scenes stories and fun facts about Worldwide Handsome Jin.

2021 is just getting started, but we’ve already learned several new things about BTS‘s Jin this year. Check them out!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook

1. He is allergic to potatoes

Many fans are aware of Jin’s food allergy to garlic, but some might not know that he is also allergic to potatoes.

I got tested for allergies because I was itching everywhere on my body. The doctor shared a shocking diagnosis, telling me to cut down on garlic. What menu could I possibly eat that doesn’t include garlic…?

— Jin

He was unable to eat a dish on Run BTS! because potatoes were the main ingredient. He is less allergic to garlic than he is to potatoes, and he is still able to eat some dishes with garlic in them, like kimchi.

2. He no longer cooks as a hobby

For fun, Jin used to prepare meals for his members and live stream his own mukbang show, Eat Jin, but he has since given up his cooking hobby.

| Big Hit Entertainment

In a behind the scenes video for Run BTS!, Jin explained that he gave up his hobby because of his food allergies.

3. He’s is surprisingly good at tennis

In Episode 129 of Run BTS!, BTS started their long-term project: learning tennis. The members expected J-Hope to be their tennis ace because he has the most experience, but Jin was a natural!

4. His famous childhood friend

In January, netizens discovered a photo from Jin’s pre-debut days that threw them for a loop. In this photo, the future star is posing with another future star: Mitchell Hope.

Michell Hope (far left), Jin (red sweater), and friends. | Nate

Mitchell Hope is an Australian model and actor, best known for playing Ben in the Descendants movie trilogy. He and Jin met in Australia when Jin decided to improve his language skills on vacation.

| Disney

5. He is a successful fanboy

Jin originally set out to become an actor, and actor Kim Nam Gil was one of the greatest inspirations for this dream. Kim Nam Gil played lead roles in Pandora, Memoir of a Murderer, The Pirates, and Portrait of a Beauty. 

Kim Nam Gil

This year, Kim Nam Gil and Jin finally met at the Golden Disc Awards when Kim Nam Gil presented the physical album Daesang (grand prize). According to Kim Nam Gil, Jin approached him and said he had been wanting to meet him. In reply, Kim Nam Gil playfully said, “I love you too.” 

Kim Nam Gil (left), BTS (right).

6. He knows all about his webtoon twin

The True Beauty character Suho bears a striking resemblance to Jin, and fans have been pointing it out since the webtoon began in 2018.

Suho | True Beauty/Webtoon

It’s unclear when Jin found out about his “twin”, but he publically reacted to the comparison for the first time this year. When a fan posted a photo of Jin next to a photo of Suho, Jin replied by saying, “Oh, the illustration and real person are both handsome, as expected.”