BTS Jin’s Most Incredible “Seokjin As-” Fan Accounts

From cakes to art to fridges, Jin really resembles a lot of different things!

BTS‘s Jin is the unique and talented worldwide handsome, but he also tends to remind us of a lot of different things. Lucky for us, there are some amazing fans out there creating Twitter accounts specifically for Jin and his resemblance to a certain thing. Some are cute, some are hilarious, but all truly capture the essence of the one and only Jin.

1. Quokkas

Seokjin_quokka has been an iconic member of the fandom since 2017. It’s hard to find a Jin stan who doesn’t know about this account. Not to mention, everyone freaked out when they posted in May, breaking a year-long hiatus.

A quokka is an Australian marsupial similar to a wallaby. They are quite small (about the size of a house cat) and are well known for their chubby cheeks and love of selfies. It’s just the perfect animal to represent Jin!

2. Hamsters

Of course, there is a hamster account! Jinashamster joined Twitter the same year as BTS’s debut, 2013! They have over 19.2K followers and have been feeding ARMYs from around the world with adorable content.

Once you look through this account, there’s no going back. Jin has been represented by a hamster since his debut, mostly because of his tendency to fill his cheeks with food but, this account makes you think there may be more to it. The resemblance is uncanny!

3. Cakes

The foodie resembles his food! JinAsCake has been blessing Twitter with beautiful Jins and beautiful cakes since 2018 and they continue to be active. Scrolling through this account is sure to make your stomach growl!

While cake might not be the first thing you think of when you imagine Jin, this account is blowing our minds!

4. RJ

Like father like son! Rjasjin is another account that had their start in 2018. They either find official pictures of RJ similar to Jin or slightly edit them to add an accessory or expression to match.

While Jin didn’t necessarily try to make RJ resemble himself, it’s impossible not to see it!

5. Refrigerators

Refrijinator is the perfect example of an amazing Jin fan account. ARMYs have been saying that Jin is built like a fridge (meaning wide shoulders and broad chest) for years, and this account just brought it to life.

You may not have thought that much about the design of a refrigerator, but the amount of variety this account has found is surprising.

6. Cats

SeokjinCat continues the tradition of visualizing idols as cats, but this time with Jin! Why are all idols so cat-like?

This account hasn’t posted since its creation in 2018, but we hope they come back soon!

7. Poems

There are many beautiful things in this world to match up with Jin, but have you ever considered poetry? JINASPOEMS is dedicated to posting pictures of Jin with poems and quotes that will brighten your day and make you smile!

This account has also not been active since their creation in 2018, but we hope that they can find some inspiration soon.

8. Stray Kids’s Lee Know

Hear us out, Seokjinasminho may have really done something here. There are plenty of multi-stan accounts and of course, accounts that are focused on two of their biases… but have your biases ever resembled each other? This account has been making us question everything since 2018.

Let’s set it straight, they’re not twins, but the energy and aesthetic they both exude are so so close.

9. Art

We have all known Jin is a piece of art, but have we ever compared him to actual artworks you’d find in a museum? SeokjinAsArt has done just that, giving us a gorgeous Jin with an outstandingly fitting painting.

This account has not been active since 2015! We hope that they come back or that someone else provides us with similar lovely content.

10. Tumblr Aesthetics

Believe it or not, many K-Pop stans began on Tumblr instead of the now-popular Twitter culture. Maybe you yourself were one. One thing’s for sure, Aestheticsjin was definitely once a Tumblr stan. Tumblr often has “mood boards” or just aesthetic posts that combine several things such as space, cottages, neutral tones, gothic sculptures, and more to represent an aesthetic or “-core”. This account has taken those aesthetics and found similarities to them in pictures of Jin.

This account hasn’t been active since 2016, hence the older photos of Jin, but we love to look at it!