Here’s 5 BTS’s Jin Brown Hair Moments That Were LeJINdary

Worldwide handsome Jin!

Although we can argue which hair color BTS’s Jin looks best in, we all know every hair color he’s done was an era of its own. From purple to black to blonde, there isn’t a hair color that Jin doesn’t look good in. We will focus on Jin’s brown hair era for today.

1. Car door guy

At the 2015 Melon Music Awards (MMA), Jin’s photo went viral over his visuals, giving him the nickname ‘car door guy’.

He wore an all-black outfit along with his luscious brown hair.

We’re not surprised at all that he went viral with these looks!

2. United Nations

Jin was giving off major CEO vibes during BTS’s U.N. General Assembly speech.

3. Genie Jin

This fan cam from the 2018 Genie Music Awards is legendary for his god-tier visuals.

With the stage set up to be close to the fans, many legendary photos and fancams came out of this awards show.

4. “Dynamite” Jin

Jin’s brown hair makes a comeback with their song “Dynamite” and gave off a cute and adorable vibe.

5. “Black Swan” Jin

At the 2020 MMAs, Jin took on the role of the ‘black swan’ in the performance and melted fans’ hearts with his visuals once again.

Jin playing the role of the black swan gives a whole different mood to the song.

Contrasting with the black, Jin’s white swan outfit gives off a more heavenly, god-like image.

Regardless of what color Jin’s hair is, it’s always going to be a legendary era! Seokjinnies where you at?

Source: theqoo