14 Reasons Why BTS Jin Needs Constant Supervision

Jin is so wild and “out there” that he needs his members to keep an eye on him. Always.

Jin is the oldest member of BTS, but you probably wouldn’t guess it based on his actions. This extra extroverted singer loves to get wild, so wild in fact, that he needs his members to keep an eye on him at all times! Here are 14 reasons why.


1. Jin is actually the maknae.


2. When given props, he does stuff like this…


3. …and this.


4. Animals are not his friends…


5. …and neither are bugs.


6. At 2019 GDA, he jammed out to “Mirotic”


7. …all by himself.


8. He needs BTS to keep his playful ego in check…


9. …or else this will happen 24/7!


10. He keeps kissing inanimate objects, like this angel…


11. …and this trophy


12. He turned his mic into a flute


13. He got his freak on at 2018 Gayo Daechukje, when he was the MC…


14. …and at 2019 GDA, when he wasn’t.