Here Are 10 Quotes From BTS’s Jin That Are Gaining Attention For Being Words Of Wisdom

They are important messages to live by!

There is no doubt that the members of BTS are talented in so many ways. From singing, dancing, and rapping, it seems as if there isn’t anything they can’t do. In particular, eldest member Jin has gained attention for his wisdom and ability to inspire ARMY with his words.

American publication Elite Daily recently had a look at some of Jin’s inspirational quotes, whether in interviews, music, or Q&As. Here are ten quotes from Jin that radiate wisdom.

1. “Nothing’s carved in stone.”

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Jin was asked whether he would like to try acting again. Rather than a simple yes or no, Jin went with this deep and meaningful quote that shows the future’s unpredictability.

| Rolling Stone/YouTube

2. “You may find that any moment can be turned into an opportunity.”

When BTS delivered their “Dear Class of 2020” speech for graduates who couldn’t attend their ceremonies, each member was full of wise words. In particular, Jin understood how scary the future might be and tried to explain that you can find the light even in darkness, even if things get tough.


3. “I’m living true to my feelings by living in the now.”

In an interview with Weverse in 2020, Jin was asked how he approaches the way he lives his life. In reply, Jin explained that he is someone who chooses to live in the present. This quote embodies his positive outlook choosing to focus on the now rather than the past and future.

4. “When I close my eyes, I think I will only remember the happy memories.”

Released in 2019, Jin’s track “Tonight” is full of positive messages looking back on times that might be hard. In particular, this line emphasizes the need to look back on the good memories rather than those which could cause you pain.


5. “Only you have to know how hard you work.”

In a world where it constantly feels like you’re being judged for your actions, in the BTS Season’s Greeting 2016 film Jin had words of comfort. Despite criticisms, the most important thing in life is to know that you’ve tried your hardest no matter what anyone else says.

| JANARIE/ YouTube

6. “Pridefulness is good for nothing.”

In their 2018 movie Burn the Stage: The Movie, Jin once again proved that the group ensures that it remains humble. During the film, Jin explained that being too proud will not amount to anything and that it is best to stay grateful for everything.

7. “I like to go with the flow.”

Not everyone knows what the future holds for them, and a quote from Jin in Rolling Stones perfectly fitted that mentality. Rather than focusing too much on what to do, sometimes it’s easier to go with the flow and see where life takes you.

| Rolling Stone/YouTube

8. “Those who keep trying without giving up are the ones who succeed.”

Being a K-Pop idol is one of the most uncertain career paths, especially when many struggle for years before achieving fame. In their 2020 film Break the Silence, Jin’s advice for anyone who doesn’t see any progress is simple: you will always be successful as long as you continue trying.

9. “I’m the one I should love in this world.”

BTS has made it clear throughout their career that they want to spread the message of self-love to their fans. In Jin’s solo track “Epiphany,” the lyrics embody this motto explaining that your main focus in life should be loving yourself before anyone else.


10. “Have the mindset that you love yourself and give compliments to yourself.”

During a 2018 broadcast, Jin sat down and talked with ARMY about various things, including the idea of self-love. Once again, Jin emphasized that loving yourself is the most important thing, alongside giving yourself encouragement that you are doing well.

Source: Elite Daily and FI