BTS’s Jin Reveals What He Listens To In The Shower—All 8 Songs To Add To Your Playlist

We can always trust Jin to recommend the best tracks 🔥

BTS‘s Jin joined this week’s BIGHIT MUSIC RECORD on Melon Radio to share the fun and exciting songs he listens to when he wants to feel pumped up in the shower. Here are all eight tracks to add to your own shower playlist.

1. ITZY – “In the morning”

The most recently released song on Jin’s playlist is ITZY’s latest hit, “In the morning”—also known as “Mafia In the morning.” Even if you don’t know much Korean, it’s impossible not to sing along to, “Ma ma ma mafia-ya-ya.”

2. Young Tak – “Pitiful”

Two songs from Mr. Trot star Young Tak made it on to Jin’s playlist. The first is “Pitiful,” but you may know it as “Jjin-iya.” Naturally, Jin chose this song because of the repeated line, “Jjin, jjin, jjin.”

3. Young Tak – “Why are you coming out from there?”

The second Young Tak song on Jin’s playlist is “Why are you coming out from there?” which you can’t help but dance to, even when you’re in the shower.

4. SEVENTEEN – “Left & Right”

Next up is SEVENTEEN, who are part of the HYBE Labels family alongside BTS. Jin picked “Left & Right” as a song you can have fun to when you’re washing up.

5. Billie Eilish – “bad guy”

Next is the only non-Korean song on the list—Billie Eilish’s “bad guy.” This song was a huge hit in South Korea, and according to Jin, bopping your head to it is great when rinsing your hair.

6. BTS – “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)”

Naturally, BTS had to make it into this playlist. The first BTS song Jin recommended for the shower is the Steve Aoki remix of “MIC Drop,” a hip-hop bop that will keep your energy up even when you’re showering in the early morning.

7. BTS – “IDOL”

Next, since Jin recommended that everyone becomes idols in the shower, it should come as no surprise that he recommended BTS’s “IDOL” too.

8. Aespa – “Black Mamba”

Last but not least, aespa’s “Black Mamba” is the perfect track to move your body to in the confines of your shower.