10+ Times BTS’s Jin Showed Everyone How Strong His Body Is

He’s a lot stronger than some people might think.

Jungkook is an athletic “Muscle Bunny”, but he isn’t the only BTS member with impressive strength. Although Jin doesn’t love hitting the gym as much as Jungkook does (does anyone?), these moments show how strong he truly is!

1. When he made this one-handed jump look effortless

2. When he tired Jungkook out with a bajillion pushups…

3. …and squats

4. Speaking of pushups, he did one with Jimin on his back

5. When Jungkook didn’t want to arm wrestle him right-handed because he knew he’d lose

6. That time he “beat” J-Hope…

7. …and carried V away

8. When he wrestled Jungkook…

9. …and V to the ground

10. When he ran across a beach with Jimin on his shoulders

11. This iconic photo