10 Times That BTS’s Jin Proved He’s Total Boyfriend Material

Of course, there are far more than 10 times!

Let’s be clear about something right away: All of the members of BTS have proven themselves to be boyfriend material in one way or another! Today’s focus, however, will be on oldest member Jin. Between his “worldwide handsome” visuals, angelic vocals, and kind, generous heart, how would anyone be able to turn a guy like him down? Here are just 10 of the countless reasons that prove that he’s perfectly suited for this title.

1. He would love to serenade you all the time.

2. He would love to take photos of you, and vice versa!

3. The two of you could spend so much time just enjoying delicious food together, even his own cooking!

4. You would get to listen to his adorable laugh all the time!

5. He would also always be able to crack you up with his antics!

6. Though he’s the oldest member of BTS, he still has an excited, youthful heart!

7. You would never have to ask him to send you adorable selfies!

8. He’s impossibly handsome in literally anything.

9. He would take you on all kinds of adventures!

10. And finally, with this kind of mature, generous, and selfless nature, your parents would love him too!