BTS Jin’s Top 5 Reasons Why He Loves ARMY So Much

There are lots of reasons to love his fans, but these are Jin’s top 5.

Up until recently, BTS‘s Jin had been MIA while enjoying BTS’s vacation time, and fans have been missing him like crazy. To ease the pain of his absence, here are the top 5 reasons why Jin said he can’t help loving ARMY. Jin shared these reasons during 5th ARMY ROOM on January 25.


1. “You love BTS. Wow, will there be any other reason as great as this?”


2. “ARMY is the source of my happiness.”


3. “Because I think of ARMY in everything I do.”


4. “ARMY is the reason why BTS are together.”


5. “And lastly, [I love ARMY for] playing with me on both our fancafe and Twitter. Wow aren’t these amazing reasons why BTS can’t help but love ARMY?”


“ARMY, I love you!”


For more, listen to Jin’s whole audio message here.