8 Times BTS’s Jin Went Viral Online, For Unexpected Reasons

He has trended online for reasons only Jin would trend for.

BTS‘s Jin is always a trending topic, even when he’s out of the public eye, but there are times when he’s gone viral totally out of the blue!


1. When #WorldwideHandsomeDay accidentally became a national holiday

ARMYs tweeted out this hashtag to celebrate Jin’s birthday in 2017, but it ended up having some hilariously unexpected consequences.

Non-K-Pop fans began to use tweet the hashtag, thinking that “Worldwide Handsome Day” was a real holiday!


2. When he wore glasses

Last year, Jin started trending after ARMYs noticed his unique habit of adjusting his glasses with finesse.

Instead of just pushing his glasses on the way most people do, this dapper King of Extra gracefully rotates his hand and gives them a delicate, little nudge.


3. MC Jin

When Jin was an MC at the KBS Song Festival with EXO‘s ChanyeolRed Velvet‘s Irene and TWICE‘s Sana, a fan screamed out “you’re so handsome!”. He responded with “yes, I am handsome” and continued on. Soon, Jin went viral as “Jin the MC god”.


4. The return of MC Jin

Everyone was so excited for MC Jin’s return that it ended up trending at #2 worldwide. People outside of the K-Pop fandom must have been wondering who “MC Seokjin” is and why his return was such a big deal!


5. When his duality broke the internet

This clip of Jin from the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards gained a lot of attention on Twitter because it shows just how quickly Jin can switch from one extreme to the other!


6. When he won a trophy for being “Worldwide Handsome”

In December 2018, Jin was entered into a Top 10 list for the “Best Sculpted Face in the World” after having been selected from 18,000 male faces from 58 countries by 1,504,602 public votes. When news of his win surfaced, fans couldn’t stop talking about it!


7. Every other time he went viral for being too handsome!

Jin’s handsomeness has made him go viral many times, but it often happens when he’s not even trying and when no one’s anticipating it, like when he earned the nickname “car door guy” by stepping out of a car at the 2015 MelOn Music Awards. 

Jin’s looks trended worldwide again, following the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Even non-K-Pop needed to know who the “third one from the left” was.


8. BONUS: When Yeontan trended instead of Jin

V‘s dog, Yeontan, trended worldwide as “Tannie” when Jin posted these selfies after a 2-week absence. ARMYs found it hilarious that Yeontan, the furry 8th member of BTS, was the one to trend!


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