9 Of BTS Jin’s Most Extra Fashion Decisions

Only Jin can pull off this weird and wonderful outfits.

BTS‘s Jin doesn’t follow the fashion world’s rules! This confident king wears what he wants to wear, no matter how extra it is. Here are 9 of his weirdest, most wonderful fashion choices.

1. Leaving his tags on in the name of hip-hop culture

2. Leaving his tags on while confidently walking around with this hairstyle

3. Wearing this Love Yourself concept photo outfit to Music Bank, just because

4. These unicorn pajamas

On Run BTS!, Jin had the first pick of pajamas, so of course, he chose the most extra ones of all!

5. Every pair of funky sunglasses he has worn on stage

6. That time he wore four pairs of sunglasses at once

7. This mismatched mess

Technically, Jimin and Suga were the stylists behind this outfit on Bon Voyage, but Jin proudly wore it out in public. Worldwide Handsome can make anything work!

8. The leJINdary airport hanbok

Again, Jin didn’t exactly choose this outfit (it was a Run BTS! penalty), but by wearing it he turned the airport into his personal runway.

9. This banana

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, this is what you call a “snacc”!