10+ Of BTS Jin’s Funniest Interactions With ARMY

Chance encounters, fan signs, and much more!

BTS Jin‘s sense of humor is one of the many reasons why fans love him so much. These 14 interactions with ARMY are some of his funniest ones ever.

1. When fans complimented his handsomeness so much…

…that he hid behind his manager out of embarrassment

2. When he told a fan they looked like a Pokemon

Hopefully, it wasn’t Snorlax!

3. “I moved.”

4. “Why are you sending me to heaven?”

Hul…Oppa, are you okay??” a fan wrote on Weverse. “Didn’t it hurt??!! An angel fell from heaven…” 

“I’m not dead yet,” Jin wrote back. “why are you sending me to heaven?” 


5. Every time he shot down ARMY’s love confessions…

6. …and marriage proposals

7. He might make an exception if your dowery is ballin’

8. That time he accidentally whacked Jimin’s framed photo at a fan…

…and the maknae line ganged up on him

9. When he assumed that he was this fan’s bias

10. That time he pretended to be his own doppelganger at Lotte World

11. “Password please.”

After preordering the Bon Voyage 4 series, a Weverse user said that their bank account now belongs to BTS. Jin replied with, “password please.” 

12. Jin’s friendly reminder that this is real life, not fanfiction

13. “go hospital plz”

14. When a toy scared him silly, but he pretended it was no big deal

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