20+ Unmissable Moments From BTS Jungkook’s Instagram Because He Deleted His Iconic “Jungkook.97” Account

Who knows, maybe he will return some day!

Back in 2021, the world of K-Pop changed forever when the BTS members finally created their own Instagram accounts. From the very start, the youngest member Jungkook always gained attention.

he started with one of the most unique Instagram usernames, @abcdefghi_klmnopqrstuvwxyz…

Before changing it to Jungkook.97.

Although it isn’t the first time Jungkook has deleted all of his photos, it is the first time the account has been fully deleted. Here’s a look at all the most iconic moments from @jungkook.97, whether it’s his posts or his stories.

1. The first-ever post brings back a lot of memories for ARMYs as a truly iconic time.

2. Everyone loves a man in a sharp suit.

3. Jungkook looks like someone out of a vampire movie.

4. The recent aesthetic of Jungkook’s feed was truly *chef’s kiss*

5. Someone cast Jungkook for the next Kingsman or James Bond movie!

6. His photos with V where they both exuded true “gentleman” vibes, even when the mirror blocked off a lot of the photo.

7. Of course, number seven had to go to the time Jungkook’s personally revealed his “7” friendship tattoo.

8. The cute GRAMMYs picture was too much for ARMYs to handle.

9. Jungkook was living his best life in Las Vegas.

10. He was adorably excited to see ARMYs during the “Permission To Dance” shows.

11. How can someone be so handsome but lethally cute when taking car selfies?

12. Jungkook’s Instagram Live with V that was truly chaotic AF.

13. Being a huge CARAT and sharing a video from SEVENTEEN’s concert.

14. When ARMYs had to basically become zooming experts…

15. And then Jungkook had even more fun turning his story upside down.

16. THAT international “Run BTS!” challenge that took the internet by storm.

17. When he spent hours doing a Q&A with ARMYs

18. Jungkook once again teased member Suga for “That That.”

19. When it took a fifteen-second clip that made us lose our minds.

20. The constant updates about his adorable dog Bam.

21. The time he basically flirted with ARMYs worldwide by saying, “Nowadays they say, ‘Do you want to come to see my cat’…hehe” to substitute “Netflix and Chill.”

22. Jungkook always shows just how much he loves BTS and its members.