BTS’s “Record Setting” Jungkook Has Already Broken 21 Records This Year

21 records in only 2 months!

BTS‘s Jungkook is known for breaking records and is often called the “SNS King” by fans for his skill in destroying the internet. Despite the year only just beginning, he has already broken 21 records! Let’s take a look at all of his achievements so far! Who knows what record he will break next later on…

1. Most Real-time Viewers in VLIVE History

Jungkook’s recent live broadcast with his blue hair reached over 13.5 Million real-time viewers! The most in the platform’s history!

2. Most Real-time Comments in VLIVE History

The blue hair broadcast also achieved the most real-time comments in the platform’s history! The number was about 10.2 million comments!

3. Fastest VLIVE to Achieve 10 Million Views

His infamous blue hair broadcast also reachedΒ 10 million views in 32 minutes! This is the fastest time to achieve this number in VLIVE history.

4. Only Individual Hashtag On TikTok to Have Over 36 Billion Views

| @GoldenJKUnion/Twitter

Jungkook continues to hold this record; however, BTS’s Jimin is coming close with his record-breaking 30 Billion views!

5. Only Person With 5 Tweets With Over 1 Million Retweets

Jungkook is the king of Twitter, but his blue hair reveal absolutely destroyed most of Twitter’s records. This tweet made his previous record of 4 bump up one when it hit 1 million retweets!

6.Β Only Person Besides Former President Barack Obama and Current President Joe Biden to Have More Than One Tweet With Over 3 Million Likes

U.S. Presidents often easily get likes on Twitter due to their influence. However, Jungkook has now joined them in having multiple tweets with over 3 million likes!

7. Only Person With Two Tweets With Over 700,000 Comments

His blue hair launched him into being the first person on Twitter with over 700,000 comments on two personal tweets!

8. FirstΒ Person To HaveΒ 3 Tweets With OverΒ 500,000 Comments

With two of his tweets reaching 700,000 comments, he easily became the first person to have 3 tweets at 500,000 comments!

9. Fastest Tweet To Reach 1 Million Retweets

Who didn’t love his blue hair?! The tweet made him break his own record of reaching 1 million retweets in the fastest time (previously 16 hours). He broke this new record in 12 hours!

10. Fastest Individual Tweet To Reach 1 Million Likes

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

The tweet also reached 1 million likes in just 46 minutes!

11.Β Fastest Tweet By An Artist To Reach 2 Million Likes

The tweet soon reached another million in 7 hours!

12. Fastest Tweet To Reach 600,000 Comments

Jungkook’s previous blonde hair tweet was the fastest tweet to reach 600,000 comments in 9 hours and 46 minutes!

13. FastestΒ Tweet To Reach 200K, 300K, 400K, and 500K Comments

Since his blonde tweet reached 600,000 comments in record time, this also made him break the record for every step in between!

14. First and Only Korean Idol To Have 2 Solos Chart For 50 Weeks on Billboard World Digital Song Sales

Jungkook’s “My Time” broke several records, including being his second solo song to chart for 50 weeks on Billboard! “Euphoria” was the first. This made him the first and only Korean soloist to do so.

15. First K-Pop Idol To Have A Solo Chart for a Full Year on Billboard World Digital Song Sales

“Euphoria” continued its hold on the chart for another few weeks, making it the first solo song to chart for an entire year.

16. FirstΒ Korean B-Side Track To Reach 200 Million Streams on Spotify

“Euphoria,” although being a solo by Jungkook, was a B-Side Track on BTS’s Love Yourself: Answer album. This allowed it to become the first Korean B-side to be streamed 200 million times on Spotify.

17. First BTS Solo To Enter Spotify’s Top 10 Most Streamed BTS Tracks

BTS has made several solo tracks over the years, but “Euphoria” was the first to earn a spot on BTS’s 10 Most Streamed Songs.

18.Β 3 #1 Songs in Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart

Jungkook was the first member to earn 3 #1 spots on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales. The songs were “Stay,” “My Time,” and “Your Eyes Tell.”

19.Β First Ever K-Pop Song to Top the Year-End Chart of U.S. Amazon’s Best-Selling Songs

| @MagicStarJK/Twitter

Along with charting on Billboard, “Stay” also went on to top the charts of Amazon’s best-selling songs!

20. First Korean Idol Solo to ReachΒ 200 Million Streams on Spotify

“Euphoria”Β was also able to become the first Korean Solo song to be streamed 200 million times on Spotify.

21. First BTS Solo to ReachΒ 200 Million Streams on Spotify

Each member has a solo track; however, Jungkook’s “Euphoria” was the first to be streamed 200 million times on Spotify.