10 Items From BTS Jungkook’s Daily Life That You Can Use Too Without Going Broke

Most of these cost $15 or less!

Most people can’t afford to live a life like BTS Jungkook‘s, but some of the products he uses are surprisingly affordable. Here are 10 you can incorporate into your daily life without going broke.

1. This candle

Want your room to smell just like Jungkook’s? AT BTS’s recent Festa 2021, the maknae revealed he uses scented soy candles from KUNDAL.

| Big Hit Music

Available in several scents, these candles cost just ₩20,900 KRW (about $18.50 USD) each! Make sure you choose the “Clean Soap” scent if you want Jungkook’s exact pick.


2. This phone case

Jungkook recently showed off his new phone case: the Spigen Core Armor. Not only does this case only cost $25 USD, its shock-absorbent air cushion technology will also do a great job at protecting your phone.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Jungkook has a Samsung Galaxy, but Spigen makes cases for all types of Android and Apple phones.

| Spigen

3. This kombucha

If you’re a die-hard ARMY, you won’t have missed the explosion Jungkook caused when he mentioned he drinks TEAZEN kombucha.

The brand’s sales raised by a staggering 1,800% after he mentioned it on a live stream, and TEAZEN was soon able to donate ₩50.0 million KRW (about $44,200 USD) as a result of their profit increase. One box of 10 TEAZEN sticks retails for just $15 USD.

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4. This room perfume

When your KUNDAL candle burns out, bring a new fresh smell to your home with the room perfume Jungkook revealed in a live stream several years ago. You can get your hands on the Dress Perfume No.97 from New York brand W.DRESSROOM for just $10 USD a bottle. Named “April Cotton,” the perfume has notes of lime, rose, musk, and more and is great for spraying on clothes and linens.


5. This body perfume

Alternatively, if you’re on the look out for a perfume for your body, you can’t go wrong with Jungkook’s choice. Forment‘s signature Cotton Hug scent is on the more expensive side at around $50 USD per bottle, but it’s worth a few weeks of savings if you can afford it.

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6. This toothpaste

Jungkook has been seen using two toothpaste brands recently, but the easiest to get your hands on is probably Ajona.


Made in Germany, the Ajona Stomaticum toothpaste is available for around $5 USD per tube and boasts a unique flavor profile: mint and licorice.

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7. This toothbrush

Need a new toothbrush to go with that toothpaste? Back in 2019, Jungkook accidentally sold out the WANGTA Dr. Baek toothbrush 688 in South Korea.


Thankfully, it’s a lot easier to get your hands on these days. A pack of four WANGTAN toothbrushes in varying colors will set you back just $10 USD.

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8. These cookies

Pronounced koo-keu-da-seu in Korean, Couque D’Asse cookies are one of Jungkook’s beloved snacks. These irresistible treats are made up of crumbly wafers filled with smooth cream.

| Big Hit Music

You may have to head to your local Asian supermarket to find them, but one box shouldn’t cost more than $10 USD.

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9. This fabric softener

One of Jungkook’s most famously used products has to be Downy fabric softener: specifically, the $10 USD Downy Infusions Amber Blossom scent. This softener sold out in record time after Jungkook told fans he used it, but it’s generally easy to find these days. If you’re struggling to find it, note that it’s been renamed Downy Infusions BLISS – Sparkling Amber in some territories.

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10. This lotion

Last but not least, Jungkook keeps his skin hydrated and clear with the help of Johnson’s Baby Lotion. Suitable for all skin types, this lotion is popular around the world and you can often find it for $5 USD or less.

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