8 Things BTS’s Jungkook And Anime Girls Have In Common

He’s just an anime girl in a K-Pop world.

What do BTS‘s Jungkook and an anime girl have in common? A lot more than you might think. Take a look!


1. The way they stand

Jungkook’s anime girl reputation mainly stems from the way he stands. Anime girls have a habit of standing with their toes pointed inward, like this…


…and so does Jungkook!


2. The way they run

Anime girl.


Jungkook. I see no difference, do you?


3. Magical girl? We been knew.

Give Jungkook a wand and suddenly he’s a magical girl in an ordinary world.


In the name of Namjoon, Sailor Jungkook will punish you!


4. Sitting like the world’s most delicate flower

Like an anime girl, Jungkook doesn’t just stand pigeon-toed. He also turns his knees and feet inward when he sits.


Anime girl.




5. Sleeping adorably

Anime girls always look sweet, cute, and ethereally beautiful when they’re dreaming…


…and so does the Golden Maknae.


6. Magically changing outfits

Sailor Moon transforms from school girl to sailor scout.


Jungkook transforms from bunny to honey!


7. Being too “kawaii” for words

Adorable pose? Big, shining eyes?


Check and check!


8. This iconic pose