How Well Do You Know BTS’s Jungkook? Try To Guess His Q&A Answers

Test your knowledge!

Are you an aficionado of all things BTS? Here’s a chance to test your knowledge! Jungkook recently answered “this or that” questions about his work life for a new Q&A “Balance Game” for ARMY. Can you guess his answers?


1. Work-life balance?

A) Get to work late, go home late.

B) Get to work early, go home early.

Jungkook answered B! This hard worker knows exactly what he needs to do to get the job done.

2. Lunch menu

A) Easy choices! Company cafeteria!

B) Getting what you feel like that day from a nearby restaurant.

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Again, the answer is B! HYBE‘s company menu may be delicious, but variety is the spice of life.

3. Preferred seat?

A) Give me the feels! Great views and sunny sport in the window seat.

B) I gotta move! Unfettered access to the break room or restroom in the aisle seat.

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B! As many fans know, this natural athlete is always on the move.

4. Got a pile of work to do, your choice?

A) Get it done today even if I have to work late.

B) Put it off as long as I can.

B again? Nope! It’s A this time. Jungkook isn’t a procrastinator, by any means.

5. If there’s a chance to take an overseas business trip?

A) I like familiar pastures! Take the trip later, do my work in the office.

B) Travel means opportunities! Get dynamic with an international business trip.

The answer is A, but really, this one feels like a trick question. As an “Adventurer,” Jungkook loves to experience new things and meet new people, but it looks like he’d rather get his work done at home than abroad.

6. It’s finally payday!

A) Put most of it into savings.

B) Buy everything in my shopping cart.

This millionaire can afford to splurge, but by choosing A, Jungkook proves that he puts his long-term financial goals first.

7. If your company adopts a uniform?

A) Uniform means no more worrying about what to wear.

B) Choose my own clothes to fit my own style.

B! B! B! Can you imagine this pierced, tattooed, free spirit choosing a uniform? We can’t! (He would look great in it though!)

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