Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS’s Jungkook In 5 Casual Outfits

He looks expensive, alright.

No matter what schedule they have, BTS knows how to dress up! Red carpets, music video shootings, interviews, and casual broadcasts are all places where their visuals stand out.

“Casual,” however, doesn’t mean low quality outfits. They always dress to the nines with the most gorgeous outfits, especially maknae Jungkook! Check out some of his best casual outfits below!

1. Live Broadcasts

Jungkook wore LAMODECHIEF‘s “ECO Leather Oversized Shirt” in one of his latest broadcasts. It costs ₩171,000 KRW (about $151 USD) and it gave him a charismatic bad boy look.


It was one thing that made the live broadcast even more memorable.

2. Blue-Haired Broadcast

In another broadcast with ARMYs, Jungkook protected himself from the cold air of the room with his MASSNOUN “SI Logo Reflective Oversized Padding Jumper.”

If you’re interested in buying it, the jacket will set you back $320 USD.


The price tag is worth it if it can help people look even a little bit like Jungkook!


Now on to some soft Jungkook vibes! He was a living work of art in GIVENCHY‘s “Sweater in Patchwork Knit with G Pin” which costs an eye-watering $1,957 USD.


The resulting photoshoot was otherworldly and beautiful—just like Jungkook.

4. MapleStory

| MapleStory/YouTube

Branded clothes look their best when it’s Jungkook wearing them. He had on Balenciaga‘s “Logo Denim Shirt” in a MapleStory schedule, and it can be bought for $950 USD.

| Balenciaga

It fit him perfectly!

5. “Life Goes On” Behind The Scenes


Finally, another sweater that he looked gorgeous in was Balenciaga’s “Paris Olympics Embroidered Hoodie” that he wore in the behind the scenes video of “Life Goes On.”

| Balenciaga

It may be a simple piece of clothing, but it’s worth a surprising $975 USD! And of course, he looked handsome in it.

When it comes to fashion, K-Pop idols are certified style icons!

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