15 Bromantic Jungkook And Charlie Puth Behind The Scenes Moments

These behind the scenes moments are making us wish for more collaborations.

Last November, BTS‘s Jungkook lived out his dream collaboration with American singer Charlie Puth. The singers’ on-stage chemistry and well-matched vocals blew away everyone at the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards, but these behind the scenes moments are just as wonderful and memorable.


1. When they met for the first time, backstage…


2. …and Jungkook told Charlie Puth he looks taller in person


3. When Charlie Puth complimented Jungkook’s bucket hat…


4. …Jungkook offered to buy him one the next time they meet


5. When they worked on dividing up their parts for “We Don’t Talk Anymore”…


6. …and practiced singing it together for the first time


7. They also tried out this ending pose, just for fun!


8.  When Jungkook pointed out Charlie Puth’s cute habit to the camera…


9. …and they did this awesome handshake soon after


10. Jungkook had a fanboy moment when he shyly complimented Charlie Puth’s vocals and downplayed his own…


11. …but Charlie Puth wasn’t having that! He complimented Jungkook’s skilled and called him “fantastic”!


12. When Charlie Puth taught Jungkook his “happy dance” while saying how excited he was for their performance


13. When Jungkook made Charlie Puth smile with this adorable wave


14. When they tried to figure out how to overcome their language barrier for their on-stage interlude


15. When all their hard work paid off!