Every Deleted Photo From BTS Jungkook’s Instagram — Because The Internet Is Forever

60+ photos and cherished memories.

BTS‘s Jungkook opened his Instagram account as @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz then changed his username to @jungkook.97. Now, he has made his most drastic change to his account yet by wiping the slate clean. Here are 60+ photos that Jungkook deleted from his account.

1. User Alphabet and User Jungkook

ARMYs will always remember these three photos as Jungkook’s profile pictures.


2. SoFi Stadium

BTS performed four incredible PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA concerts at this venue.

3. Mirror selfies

Jungkook took these mirror selfies with at a fine dining restaurant in New York City.

V (left) and Jungkook (right)

4. The Wall of Stars

Jungkook’s photo was added to this collage of celebrity guests during BTS’s appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

5. Cover Boy JK

In 2021, BTS graced the covers of GQ Korea and Vogue Korea in a special collaborative project. These two fashion media powerhouses collaborated for the first time ever. Jungkook is dressed in Louis Vuitton clothing and accessories.

6. The Golden Hour

The Golden Maknae captured a stunning beachside sunset in this selfie.

7. Behind the scenes

Before PROOF was announced, Jungkook gave us a peek behind the curtain by showing us a snap from his recording session.

8. Bam and his fur brothers

Like any adoring “dog dad,” Jungkook uploaded photos of his Doberman Pinscher Bam…

…as well as his older brother’s Italian Greyhounds, Peng and Song.

Jungkook holding Peng and Song.

9. Dance Practice

Jungkook shared several videos with ARMY on Instagram, including a dance cover of Street Dance Girls Fighter dancer Jo Nain‘s choreography to “Bare Wit Me” by Teyana Taylor.

Jungkook practicing with a choreographer.

10. A Masterpiece

Jungkook shared this portrait drawn by artist Dai Tamura.

11. Permission To Dance

After BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE- SEOUL concert, Jungkook posed with these banners from the show.

12. Born Singer

After years of on-tact concerts, Jungkook was finally able to return to the stage to entertain fans in person. From Seoul to Las Vegas, this born singer made each night one to remember.

13. Car selfies

Being this casually handsome should be illegal, but we’re really glad it’s not!

14. GRAMMY-nominated artist

At the 2022 GRAMMY Awards, BTS performed a James Bond inspired version of “Butter.”

15. Wining and dining in Las Vegas

While in Las Vegas, Jungkook enjoyed all the entertainment, sights, and sounds that the city had to offer.

16. My Time

We won’t be surprised if these photos end up in history books someday. In just 24 years, Jungkook has made all his dreams come true and made an everlasting mask on the music industry.