10 Of The Most-Viewed BTS Jungkook Fancams (& What Made Them So Great)

Which one is your favorite?

Can any ARMY resist BTS Jungkook‘s incredible fancams? Judging by their views on YouTube, definitely not! Here are 10 of Jungkook’s most-watched fancams of all time—along with what made them so rewatchable.

10. “Go Go”

Jungkook’s 2017 “Go Go” fancam starts off the list with over 7 million views. Performed on M Countdown, “Go Go” was promoted alongside “DNA” and fans were living for Jungkook’s cute facial expressions during this performance.

9. “IDOL”

This 2019 “IDOL” fancam comes in at no.9 with 7.8 million views. BTS performed the song at the Lotte Family Concert and ARMYs couldn’t get enough of Jungkook. Fans and non-fans alike praised the way Jungkook styled his hair and the way it falls on his face as he dances.

8. “Airplane pt.2”

One of the most loved BTS B-sides makes it to the list. Jungkook’s fancam from the group’s “Airplane pt.2” performance on M Countdown has over 8.3 million views on YouTube. Everything about this performance was flawless, from Jungkook’s voice to his dancing and his visuals.

7. “Fake Love”

Posted by Jungkook’s fansite HEADLINER, Jungkook’s fancam of from “Fake Love” at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards currently has 9.4 million views and counting. One of the best moments from this performance is during the chorus when Jungkook raises his shirt to show off his jaw-dropping abs.

6. “Sorry Sorry”

One of the special entries on this list is Jungkook’s fancam from his “Sorry Sorry” (originally by Super Junior) cover rehearsal. Posted in 2016, the video has 10.6 million views to date. Only Jungkook is powerful enough to have a rehearsal fancam with so much popularity, and his casual look only makes it better.

5. “Fake Love”

Another “Fake Love” fancam makes it to the top five. Jungkook’s performance at the 2019 Golden Disc Awards has gained over 11 million views to date and it’s still climbing. The performance emphasizes Jungkook’s skilled dancing and sharp movements. When you combine them with the idol’s charisma, you get an addictive fancam that has you focused on nothing but him.

4. “DNA”

BTS’s early hit “DNA” has its first entry on the list at no.4. The 2017 fancam posted by M Countdown currently sits at 12.3 million views. The best thing about Jungkook’s “DNA” performances is the way he always gives 100% on stage, to the point where you can feel the energy even through a screen.

3. “ON”

The top 3 stars with Jungkook’s “ON” fancam from M Countdown, which has over 13.7 million views on YouTube. One of the highlights of this fancam is Jungkook’s stunning voice during the song’s bridge. The way Jungkook hits every note just right has us awestruck at his incredible singing ability.

2. “Fake Love”

This “Fake Love” fancam from a performance on M Countdown has 33.2 million views. Jungkook is always a fan favorite during “Fake Love”, and this fancam definitely speaks for itself.

1. “Boy With Luv”

Reigning over every other Jungkook fancam, “Boy With Luv” on M Countdown comes in at #1 with over 58.3 million views. This explains why everyone praises Jungkook for being “King of The Stage” and one of the best all-rounders in K-Pop. Jungkook’s stunning voice, beautiful dancing, and playful facial expressions matched with his charisma to make this fancam the golden maknae’s top fancam.