4 Times BTS’s “Golden Maknae” Jungkook Had People Shook With His Talents

Even his hyungs sometimes are blown away by his talents!

One of BTS Jungkook‘s most famous nicknames is “Golden Maknae,” and he has this nickname because of his amazing talents.

BTS’s Jungkook

Over the years, there have been many moments where people were “shook” because of Jungkook’s talents. Here are 4 of these moments.

1. Jungkook impressing chef Baek Jong Won

In an episode of Run BTS!, the members showed their cooking skills to chef Baek Jong Won, and JungkookΒ caught Baek Jong Won’s attention! Baek Jong Won complimented Jungkook and called him a “sensible cook.”

Jungkook also knew Baek Jong Won’s fried egg trick!

Baek Jong Won was impressed by the members’ food, and Jungkook was delighted when he heard the kind words.

2. Jungkook easily completing a mission

BTS recently teamed up with tvNβ€˜s The Game Caterers to play games hosted by PD Na Young Suk. Jungkook had to do 15 elephant spins then successfully fill a cup with milk in 10 seconds in one mission.

The hyungs thought this would be too easy for Jungkook, and Na Young Suk got fazed and changed the time limit from 10 seconds to 7 seconds.

Despite the time limit being lowered, Jungkook easily completed the mission!

Na Young Suk was shocked by how easily Jungkook did the mission. While Na Young Suk was surprised, Jungkook’s hyungs weren’t as surprised.

3. Jungkook’s artistic talents

Jungkook is a talented artist, and sometimes his hyungs get shook by his artistic abilities. Jungkook once designed a gas mask, and his hyungs said it looked like a professional artist did it!

Whoa,Β daebak! Whoa, that’s a masterpiece. Jungkook has that artistic sense.

β€” J-Hope

4. ARMYs surprised by Jungkook doing the splits

ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) are always getting surprised, and this was the case when Jungkook revealed a “new hidden talent” at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). During BTS’s intro performance, Jungkook did a full front split!

At the time, ARMYs were unaware that Jungkook could do this, and they raved about his talents!