12 BTS Jungkook Hair Edits That We’re Dying To See In Real Life

Here are 12 colors, cuts, and styles that Jungkook would look golden with.

BTS‘s Jungkook has experimented with many styles and colors over the years, but here are 12 more looks we’d love to see!

1. This ombre look in every color of the rainbow

2. The silver hair that screams “anime boy”

3. Platinum blonde hair to match platinum records

4. Bring the blue on!

5. The return of Jungook’s long hair, but longer…

6. …much longer…

7. …and styled like this!

8. These luscious leading man locks…

9. ..and this winning undercut and top knot combo

10. FYI, Mint Kookie is now my favorite cookie

11. Cotton candy pink

12. How does Jungkook look fantastic in every color and style? I’m green with envy!