Here Are 10+ Hilariously Iconic BTS Jungkook Moments To Celebrate His Birthday

It was impossible to narrow it down!

September 1 marks a very special day in K-Pop because it is the birthday of BTS‘s maknae Jungkook! Since debuting in 2013, he has stolen the hearts of fans worldwide with his immense talent, dazzling visuals, and charming charisma.

To celebrate his special day, here is a look at # times Jungkook was hilariously iconic, because he deserves all the love and attention on his special day!

1. Jungkook might just be the chicken whisperer.

2. If this wasn’t iconic AF, then what else could be?

3. It seems as if Jungkook thinks his broadcasts on VLIVE are ASMR videos!

4. It might be random, but even the smallest thing Jungkook does is comedy gold.

5. If that was his reaction to turning 20, what is it like now?

6. Reaction King or Meme King? Isn’t he both!


7. When it comes to imitations, Jungkook is the King!

8. How does Jungkook manage to make everything look effortlessly funny, especially during Run BTS!

9. K-Pop idol or professional photographer?

10. Jungkook is always one to stand out from the crowd and be a bit different!

11. Poor Jungkook was almost convinced that he was actually a thief!

12. Jungkook will always be BTS’s baby, no matter how old he is!