10 Reasons Why BTS’s “Jungkook Hyung” Is Still A Baby

This is why he’ll always be ARMY’s maknae.

Now that TXT has debuted, BTS‘s Jungkook is no longer Big Hit Entertainment‘s maknae, and some fans just can’t wrap their brains around it. No matter how old he gets, the Golden Maknae will always be ARMY‘s baby, and these are 10 reasons why.


1. He’s forever curious about the world

Need proof? BangtanTV released a 48 second clip of Jungkook playing with an eyelash curler.


2. He’s still as silly as ever

Put him in a bunny onesie and he’ll have a blast!


3. The littlest things amuse him…

…like this squeaky duck.


4. He has the same adorable smile at age 21 that he had at 15


5. Nothing makes him happier than his favorite snacks…


6. …and he eats them like this


7. He still teases his older members like there’s no tomorrow…


8. …and sometimes they still tuck him into bed


9. He never gets tired of playing games…

…especially water games!


10. He’s a BigHit hyung now, but he’ll always be BTS’s Golden Maknae…

…and ARMY’s too.