10+ Relatable Reactions To BTS’s Jungkook Being Too Damn Perfect Today

He’s making us fall for him. Hard.

BTS‘s Jungkook is a sizzling hot topic again because, as always, nobody was prepared for his absolute perfection. Today, Jungkook showed up looking like “boyfriend material” in a new Lotte Duty Free Family Concert video…

…and he served looks at a special BTS, The Best event for the BTS Official Japan Fan Club. In other words, he’s killin’ it. (And us. Especially us.) Here are 10+ of ARMY’s most relatable reactions so far!

Jungkook | @shy_taegi/Twitter

1. Tell me your demands

2. Why, just why?

3. The audacity of this man

4. Only the facts

5. Today’s torture

6. No thoughts, just non-stop fangirling

7. Rest In Peace, ARMY

8. Permission granted?

9. Sanity is overrated anyway

10. I need this printed on a T-Shirt

11. This about sums it up