Which BTS Member Rocks Jungkook’s Aesthetic Best? You Be The Judge

Here’s how all the BTS members would look with piercings and tattoos.

BTS‘s Jungkook recently made headlines for his new labret piercing. He debuted it at The Fact Music Awards. This is his second facial piercing this year, following the “Butter” era eyebrow piercing.


Which of Jungkook’s members rock his aesthetic best? These fan-made edits might help you decide!

1. RM

Has there ever been a president with a lip ring and ink? RM could be the first if these edits become reality!

RM | @jjkgorgeous/Twitter

Fans have re-imagined BTS’s leader with full sleeves as well as a lip piercing, eyebrow stud, and a Medusa piercing (above the upper lip).

| @jojociita/Twitter

2. Jin

Jin and Jungkook have a five-year age gap, but with the way act (playfighting 24/7), you’d never know it! What if these “brothers” twinned with facial piercings too? What then?

| @jjkgorgeous/Twitter
| @namuswife/Twitter

3. Suga

This edit nearly gave some Suga lovers a heart attack, and rightfully so. If anyone can pull off a tongue piercing, it’s the king of tongue technology, Agust D!

Suga | @taegibop_/Twitter

He would also look incredible with a septum piercing…

| @btscarts/Twitter

…or a lip ring.

4. J-Hope

J-Hope is the least likely BTS member to pierce his gorgeous face, but if there’s one piercing that fans would love to see on him, it’s a nose ring.

J-Hope | @sopeqties/Twitter
| @sopeqties/Twitter
| @joonxveah/Twitter

5. Jimin

Jimin wore this fake lip ring for BTS’s 2021 Muster concert, giving us a taste of what he would look like with a real one.

Jimin | @squidmins/Twitter

Now, let’s take it to the next level by adding a nose ring and more tattoos. Like Jungkook, Jimin has several tattoos that he has chosen to show the public.

Should he bring back the smoky eyeliner too?

6. V

Like Jimin, V has worn a fake lip ring. He wore his back in 2018, during BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF era.

V | HYBE/Facebook

We would love to see it make a comeback, but V would also look fantastic with nose piercings…

| @highmoonchild/Twitter

…and bright purple hair!

| @bultaorone_07/Twitter


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