20 “Jungkook As” BTS Memes That Range From “Aww” To “WTF”

Buff bears, baby powder, and more.

BTS‘s Jungkook is a born singer, but he’s also a living meme who entertains fans just by being himself. From cartoon characters to baby powder, here are 20 “Jungkook as” comparison memes to make you smile!


1. Warning: this much cuteness might end you.

2. Is Bruni’s animator an ARMY.

3. What happens when bunnies and bears become gym buddies?

4. Brand-Of-Wine-I-Can’t-Name-Or-Else-ARMY-Will-Buy-It-All, I choose you!

5. They’re both soft, but only one can be found at your local department store.

6. I Siriusly can’t unsee this…

7. Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by this bias wrecker.

8. The resemblance just can’t be denied.

9. And the “Best Hair” award goes to…

10. Hello, Disney? We have a casting suggestion…

11. Seems sus?

12. He’s a living meme, confirmed.

13. If you’re looking for a brand ambassador…

14. If you need nail art inspiration…

15. Kirby just got an upgrade.

16. We’re not saying Business Proposal needs a remake…

…but we’re not opposed to the idea either.

17. Why be a Disney princess, when you can be Agnes?

18. The more we look at this…

…the more we can see it.

19. Squinty Squidward and Glam Patrick? Talk about duality!

20. This bunny specifically

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