8 BTS Jungkook Styles That ARMYs Will Always Treasure

Baby Jungkook, Cherry Jungkook, MAMA Jungkook…

Over 5 years have passed since BTS‘s debut. During that time BTS has taken on numerous concepts and gone through many style changes. While BTS can surely pull off any look, there are a few fan-favorites that every ARMY treasures in their heart.

Here are 8 styles that Jungkook pulled off so perfectly that ARMYs will never be able to forget it.

1. Baby Jungkook

2. Rainism Jungkook

3. Leather Jacket Jungkook

4. Smart Bunny Jungkook

5. Uniform Jungkook

6. See-Through Shirt Jungkook

7. Cherry Hair Jungkook

8. 2018 MAMA Jungkook

What’s your favorite?