10 Times BTS’s Jungkook Was Fresh Out Of Patience

“No, you shouldn’t do that!”

Even the most easygoing, fun-loving people have their limits, and BTS‘s Jungkook is no exception–especially when games are involved! Here are 10 times the Golden Maknae was fresh out of patience!

BTS’s Jungkook | Weverse

1. When Jin pinched his leg for no reason whatsoever…

…in the middle of an interview. Um, ouch? For a second, it seemed like Jungkook was weighing his options. (The options: take revenge now or later?)

Same energy?

2. When he couldn’t get a single word in edgewise…

…because his very excited hyungs (older members) were all talking at once.

3. When an appliance gave him attitude

You have one job washing machine, and that job is not annoying him.

4. That time Jimin and Jin tricked Jungkook into thinking they’d ended their live broadcast…before he could join it.

After finally convincing them to open the door, Jungkook was greeted with this:

So, in the end, he started his own broadcast instead!

5. This is how you drive an artist to the breaking point.

On Run BTS!, BTS played a drawing game that tested Jungkook’s patience in more ways than one.

They messed up his drawing and sabotaged his victory? Well…hands might be thrown, and rightfully so!

6. When he funneled all his frustration into a single word

After a Run BTS! music challenge ran off the rails, Jungkook shouted at everyone to “STOP!” —in all caps.

7. When V was less than helpful in the kitchen

Of course, this was long before V joined the cast of Jinny’s Kitchen and gained work experience!

8. When Jin’s misstep ruined a whole take

Imagine having to walk down this entire staircase again because your friend tripped on the last step!

9. When these mosquitos were just living their mosquito lives…

…and Jungkook took that personally.

10. When BTS’s “genius” RM got the wrong answer on Run BTS!

Even cheating off the smart kid doesn’t guarantee an A grade!


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