7 Songs From BTS Jungkook’s Personal Playlist That ARMYs Need To Check Out ASAP

Do you recognize these songs?

BTS‘s Jungkook recently released his solo songs “Seven” and “3D.” In an interview with Weverse Magazine, he named these songs and more that are part of his personal playlist.

BTS’s Jungkook

Check them out below!

1. “21” by Gracie Abrams

First up, Jungkook shared that Gracie Abrams‘ “21” is his favorite song at the moment. He loves listening to it whenever he’s out and about.

This song’s at the very top of my current playlist. I listen to it whenever I’m waiting to do a shoot or on my way to another gig.

— Jungkook

2. Seven

Of course, he also included his own solo debut track on the list. He is confident that “everyone will enjoy this song” no matter who they are.

This song kicked off my solo career this year, and thankfully it received a great response from a lot of people. I thought it was great as soon as I heard it. I’m sure everyone will enjoy this song, hands down.

— Jungkook

3. 3D

“3D” is the song that was released after “Seven.” It stood out to him thanks to its groovy beat and interesting choreography.

I love this song just as much as ‘Seven’ featuring Latto. People can see a different, more improved side of me than with ‘Seven.’ I loved the beat the instant I heard it and the choreography was as good as I had hoped, so it was really fun practicing, too. I hope you think of me when you listen to it!

— Jungkook

4. “Spinnin” by Madison Beer

“Spinnin” by Madison Beer premiered on August 2023. Jungkook singled it out for being “peaceful,” the type of song that is perfect for those who have insomnia.

This is a peaceful song, making it good for falling asleep to after washing up and getting in bed. I recommend it for anyone who has trouble falling asleep at night.

— Jungkook

5. “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

Christina Perri‘s “A Thousand Years” (2011) is the oldest song on the list. Its timelessness is what makes it special in the maknae‘s eyes.

I first heard this song as part of the Twilight soundtrack and I’m still listening to it after all these years because it’s just that good.

— Jungkook

6. “Love Me In Chapters” by CHRISSI

Chrissi‘s “Love Me In Chapters” is Jungkook’s random music find. He’s thankful that the internet recommended it to him.

 I stumbled upon this song thanks to a recommendation by the algorithm. I like it and now I want to recommend it to ARMY.

— Jungkook

7. “the way things go” (beabadoobee)

Last but certainly not the least, Jungkook has a soft spot for fellow Asian singer beabadoobee. “the way things go” is only one of many songs from the Filipino-English singer’s repertoire that he loves.

I listen to this artist a lot because she has a great voice. This is my favorite one of her songs, so I chose this one to recommend to everyone.

— Jungkook

Source: Weverse Magazine