BTS Jungkook’s Guide To Impatiently Making Your Own Pizza

Step 8: Question the cheese.

Do you like BTS‘s Jungkook? Do you like pizza? Do you hate waiting for food? Then this is for you!

In Episode 123 of Run BTS!, the members tackled a cooking challenge where a team of two instructors had to direct two “avatars” in the kitchen. In a behind the scenes video, Jungkook prepared a homemade pizza after the show wrapped. Follow this step-by-step guide and can make your own pizza, Jungkook-style!

1. Arrive unprepared

Cutting board? Ingredients? No worries, you’ll figure it out.

2. Sing to the sauce

Jungkook spread tomato sauce on the pizza crust and sang his meal into being. Genius. Don’t forget to add cheese!

3. “Cut up” onions with your hands…

…then find the nearest knife to finish the job.

4. Add meat. Lots of meat.

Vegetarian? Jungkook certainly is not.

5. Struggle with the oven

For a hot minute, Jungkook couldn’t figure out how to get his pizza in the oven. As a rule, life shouldn’t be allowed to be hard when you’re hungry, but like Jin, life doesn’t follow the rules!

6. Wait impatiently

Unfortunately, ovens aren’t microwaves. It takes more than 10 seconds to cook a meal, but why? 

7. Distract yourself by cleaning up

Well, if waiting has to happen, you might as well wash those dishes.

8. Question the cheese

Dear cheese, you had one job.

9. Enjoy…

10. …or not?