17 Times That BTS’s Jungkook Proved His Status As Total Boyfriend Material

We can all dream, right?

All of the members of BTS are boyfriend — or husband — material in their own ways. Jungkook, as the youngest member of the group, has a lovely mixture of maturity and boyish charm that definitely exudes the boyfriend material aura!

Here are just 17 of the countless ways that he has proven his status as boyfriend material, which really just scratches the surface!

1. He makes dressing like boyfriend material look so easy.

2. You can bet he would happily carry your bags for you.

3. His casual athletic looks are EVERYTHING.

4. His adorable smile is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

5. He makes it so easy to imagine him as your college crush.

6. How can such a simple gesture be so attractive?

7. Just imagine cute one-on-one virtual food dates!

8. Jungkook in snapbacks is really something else.

9. Him looking this good while serenading you shouldn’t be legal.

10. You would be blessed to receive selfies like this!

11. Jungkook with wet hair is seriously a Look.

12. What would it be like to be in V’s shoes here while Jungkook cooks?

13. Such a soft and precious cutie!

14. Would you ever be able to look away from this model-like visual?

15. Imagine being the one to make Jungkook laugh like this.

16. Anyone would be blessed to have Jungkook as their photographer boyfriend.

17. This list could go on forever!