10+ BTS Fans Who Had Meltdowns Over Shirtless Jungkook

ARMY’s freaking out about Jungkook again. Just a little.

March 26, 2020, will go down in ARMY history as the day BTS‘s Jungkook brought sexy back. In the behind the scenes for Run BTS!, the Golden Maknae changed his clothes on camera. How are Jungkook stans processing this information? Take a look.

1. The difference between free content and paid content

2. The sock says it best

3. The ideal man

4. Art appreciation hours: OPEN

5. Exhausted from all the whiplash

6. How are we feeling?

7. “It’s me. I’m b*tches.”

8. This duality

9. Competitiveness at its finest 

10. Breathe, just breathe…

11. A Jungkook stan’s daily schedule

12. Jin being ARMY

13. Going feral

14. The entire timeline

15. Suffering, but enjoying it