Here’s All The Evidence That Supports The Claim BTS Jungkook’s Spotify Is Fake

It’s no longer verified.

Recently, it was reported that BTS‘s Jungkook had gotten his own Spotify account.


Initially, signs pointed in favor that the account was indeed Jungkook’s as it was verified. Additionally, the “Artist Pick” playlist was “This Is BTS,” with a caption, requesting fans to wait for upcoming solo music.

| Spotify via @btsinthemoment/Twitter

Since then, its verified sign has been removed. Now, this is starting debate on whether this account was fake the entire time.

Even before the verified symbol was removed from the account, ARMY kira (@kirakowo on Twitter) was suspicious. So, she created a thread of all the signs that pointed to the Jungkook Spotify account being fake…

Here’s all the evidence:

1. The GoFundMe

In addition to adding a playlist, the artist added a fundraising pick.

| Spotify via @kirakowo/Twitter

Upon looking further, ARMYs discovered that it is linked to a fundraiser on behalf of 4-year-old Arianna Delane, who is suffering from a gunshot. The GoFundMe was created two days ago by Arianna’s aunt.

While the BTS members are philanthropic, most donations are made privately. Additionally, they rarely ask of their fans, although most ARMYs participate in donation campaigns themselves on behalf of the group.

Still, none of the BTS members’ official accounts have ever included this fundraising tag before.

| Spotify via @kirakowo/Twitter

This alone makes the Spotify account suspicious.

2. You’re unable to search “Jung Kook.”

While you can search other BTS members’ Spotify accounts, “Jung Kook” fails to appear in the search for “Artists.” Kira added, “regardless of how little numbers the artist has, so long as it’s genuinely official, it is searchable, they’ll even give you related names.”

| Spotify via @kirakowo/Twitter

3. The playlists

Many ARMYs were loving the selected playlists by Jungkook. There was a lot to appreciate, from the playlist titles’ and covers to the featured songs.

Global artists Troye Sivan, John Mayer, and Harry Styles were some of the few to have songs included in the playlists. While many wanted to believe that these playlists were simply a form of self-expression for Jungkook, questions were still raised. 

| Spotify via @kirakowo/Twitter

Even the style of writing was unlike Jungkook.

| Spotify via @kirakowo/Twitter

Not only that, but no other official solo account for a BTS member has included non-related playlists before.

Also, when looking into the account behind the playlists, there’s even more to evaluate. Most assumed it’s Jungkook himself, but everything about it is weird. The profile picture choice has no relation to him.

| Spotify via @kirakowo/Twitter

Additionally, the account has exactly 1,000 followers exactly and is following 29 people. These 29 followed accounts are the most unusual thing. You can’t see all 29, but the ones you do include random names and profile pictures. The few BTS-related accounts seem copied from the members’ Instagram accounts. And, like the other original account, they all have 1,000 followers.

| Spotify via @kirakowo/Twitter

4. There’s no proper information on the artist page to verify it is Jungkook.

As you know, the Spotify artist’s page contains an “About” section. Jungkook’s profile has had nothing but links for Wikipedia, TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

| Spotify via @kirakowo/Twitter

Of all things, why these social media platforms and websites? At least, there should be a short bio like the other members.

| Spotify via @kirakowo/Twitter

Other than that, the “Coming soon” is simply posted by anyone controlling the account. It’s not necessarily an official confirmation of anything.

| Spotify via @kirakowo/Twitter

The “Verified Artist” symbol, which has since been removed, has, of course, been the main source of identifying that Jungkook’s account is legitimate. As kira points out, this doesn’t actually mean as much as most believe. Anyone can verify a Spotify account “as long as they go through a set of procedures.” She added, “I have a friend who has his own Spotify artist account despite not being an official singer-songwriter. he does have 1 song there.” 

| Spotify via @kirakowo/Twitter

5. No BTS member, including, Jungkook has shared.

All the members generally share big news related to themselves on social media, whether it’s Weverse, Twitter, or Instagram. So far, Jungkook nor the group’s biggest supporter and hype man J-Hope has acknowledged the account. BIGHIT MUSIC has also said nothing so far.

Based on everything, we can only make assumptions. So, until confirmation, we will wait for Jungkook’s upcoming 7Fates: CHAKHO OST to drop.

This wouldn’t be the first time a “verified” Spotify profile was created. So, as always, let’s wait for the artist himself to share.

Source: @kirakowo