Everybody Is Whipped For BTS’s Jungkook — Here Are The Receipts, Your Honor

Brands, locals, parents — they all stan him.

With his beautiful voice, powerful performances, and endearing personality, BTS‘s Jungkook is the ultimate bias (and bias wrecker). ARMY loves him with all their purple hearts — and so does everyone else! Here are the receipts to prove it, Your Honor.

1. Brand stans

BTS’s “Sold Out King” sells out everything he touches, even when he’s not trying to. So, it’s no wonder why brands stan him! One of the most famous examples is the Downy craze. Downy dubbed Jungkook their “Laundry Fairy” after he accidentally sold out months’ worth of detergent.

Many retailers wanted a piece of that action, including Target.

2. Verified accounts

Countless verified account holders on Twitter have used their platform to gush about the Golden Maknae.

When he shared his cover of Lauv‘s “Never Not” last year, these verified accounts were among the many that couldn’t comment fast enough!

3. ARMY Dads

Sure, you stan Jungkook, but do you stan him more than your dad does?

Many ARMYs have shared funny stories about their dad’s love for Jungkook on Twitter. @YoonglesEggslut wrote, “My dad texted me at 3 AM and has made it clear he loves Jungkook. Also, he became a king when he said he liked a song from D-2. This came out of nowhere lol.”

| @YoonglesEggslut/Twitter
| @YoonglesEggslut/Twitter

Another ARMY’s dad re-enacted BTS’s “Euphoria” MV!

4. ARMY Moms

Fans’ dads adore Jungkook, but so do their moms! This birthday cake is proof.

Who is her favorite child? (Hint: Not you.)

5. The locals

Jungkook has gone viral with “the locals” (aka the general public) many times. Each time, they give him new nicknames on their quest to find out his true identity.

| @hobidaisies/Twitter

Some of those nicknames are: “The Guy with the Dracula Coat”, “The Guy in the Middle”, and “The Guy with Black Hair”.

Jungkook, The Guy with the Dracula Coat